The Artisan Snapshot

Following the challenges of Covid, small businesses seem be bouncing back as provenance, food miles and relevant brand backstories become more important to consumers. In this Snapshot we take look at how smaller brands and businesses are competing against large, more established rivals… Look inside our Snapshot here: DGI_The Artisan Snapshot…

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Snapshot Life after Covid…

At DGI we’re looking forward… Spring is around the corner and Covid seems to be behind us. After a ‘challenging’ couple of years, we thought we’d take a look at what the future holds in key categories in the Home & Garden and Food & Drink industries… Look inside our Snapshot here: DGI_SnapShot_Life after Covid…

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Things we’re loving at DGI…

At DGI we’re crazy about trends and understanding the social and cultural influences that create them. We understand the importance of these trends and how they can impact on a project. So…. On every brief we work on, we’ll always explore the appropriate current trends and latest thinking to ensure we deliver innovative, creative solutions […]

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Summer Snapshot 2021

Welcome to our Summer Snapshot – a roundup of some of the activity in the Home & Garden and Food & Drink Industries. From latest trends to the effects of Covid – there’s something for everyone! Look inside our Summer Snapshot here: DGI_SnapShot_Summer_2021

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One of our favourite trends… Flat Illustration

In the fast moving world of design trends, there’s one that stands out in terms of longevity and classic simplicity – Flat iIlustration style. Although its routes go back to the 1920s (with the creation of Swiss Style or also known as International Typographic Style), this illustration style has a crispness and cleaness that never […]

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Welcome to our 2020 Trends Snapshot

Recently we’ve been reading lots of interesting features about future trends and fashions in various markets. To share this with you, we’ve pulled together some of the most interesting facts and forecasts in this snapshot. From Health & Beauty to Petcare and Food, there’s something here for everyone!  Look inside our 2020 Snapshot here: DGI_Trends_Snapshot 2020_2020  

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