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One of our favourite trends… Flat Illustration

In the fast moving world of design trends, there’s one that stands out in terms of longevity and classic simplicity – Flat iIlustration style. Although its routes go back to the 1920s (with the creation of Swiss Style or also known as International Typographic Style), this illustration style has a crispness and cleaness that never […]

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Packaging News

Stripped Back Branding You may have noticed that a couple of well-known brands are opting for more stripped-back approaches to their identities. Gone are the serifs, drop shadows and glossy effects; the latest trend is to remove everything but the essentials. In the words of design guru, Dieter Rams, ‘good design is as little design […]

Packaging examples
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Trend Spots – Spring/Summer 2016

Key trends coming into the home in Spring/Summer 2016 and beyond… As the Rio Olympics spark a global flurry of energy and celebration, sporting activities and vibrant festivals unite the world. Spirited celebrations, street food and Brazilian art underpin this vibrant, optimistic trend. This lively palette really captures the spirit of Brazil and provides some […]

Trend spots - Spring/Summer 2016
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Celebrating 30 YEARS of great design!

During the last 30 years, we’ve worked with some fantastic brands – creating hundreds of identities, pack designs and pieces of communication. To mark the occasion, we delved into the archives and created a timeline of some of our favourite projects…

DGI Celebrating 30 Years
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Autumn Snapshot 2015

Welcome to our Autumn Snapshot – a quarterly roundup of some of the activity in the Home & Garden and Food & Drink Industries. From packaging innovations, latest trends and instore activity to our pick of the weird and wonderful – there’s something for everyone! Look inside our Autumn Snapshot here: DGI Autumn Snapshot 2015

Autumn Snapshot 2015
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Trend Report – Sweden Sans Font

We’ve been talking about Which font are we? There’s nothing like a type font to sum up the personality and values of a brand. It works for product packaging so why shouldn’t it work for whole nations? After all, we each have our own set of values and idiosyncrasies. Sweden have obviously recognised this and […]

Sweden font
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