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Branding Ourselves

We’ve just given ourselves a fantastic new identity and it’s been receiving compliments by the bucket load so we’re feeling pretty good about ourselves! Although we create great new identities for our clients day in/day out, designing your own identity (as any agency will tell you) can be a bit of a challenge as we’re all so close to it. So, we took a step back and completed our very own brand triangle to help us define our values and really think through what we are all about. This exercise also helped us to clarify how we wanted the DGI brand to be perceived externally (and internally) and what we wanted DGI to mean to our customers. With our values described as passionate, innovative and enthusiastic, our personality defined as accessible and resourceful we finally articulated our brand idea to ‘getting brands heard’ which links perfectly with our proposition of ‘design that talks’. Various members of the team then put pencil to paper (or finger to mouse!) and a few days and loads of ideas later we had a great route forward that the whole team bought into.

New DGI hero image

Our new identity has a zesty green background to signify our fresh thinking, a classic (yet fluid) font that cleverly incorporates ‘speech marks’ and a contemporary ‘speech bubble’ to hold our ‘design that talks’ proposition. This also gives us a great ‘ownable shape’ which can be used as a background tint or holding device on various forms of communication.

We’re proud of our new look and think all the elements work together to give us an identity that reflects who we are, stands out from the crowd and that will withstand the test of time… the three most important attributes of any successful identity!

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