Screwfix No Nonsense


No Nonsense is Screwfix’s broadest range with hundreds of products across many categories. The range had grown rapidly without any attention to brand guidelines and consequently, packaging was weak and inconsistent. The team wanted us to go back to basics and develop a simple ‘no nonsense’ template that could be easily used across all product shapes and sizes no matter what the print or production process.


Our No Nonsense branding is clean, simple and bold. We created a logo device and holding shape that forms a design template which works across any pack shape or size. Our straightforward, no nonsense guidelines allow any supplier anywhere in the world to create consistent artwork that can be simply printed in 3 spot colours.


“DGI created a ‘no nonsense’ design that can
be rolled out easily and consistently no matter where the product is produced. We now have a coherent product offer that perfectly represents the positioning of one of our broadest and most successful ranges.”

Screwfix Product Manager