Raptor XT


The team at UPOL have recently developed a new, even tougher formula for their Raptor Protective Coating.
We were briefed to create a new name (to differentiate it from the original formula) plus high impact packaging and instore displays.


Our new Raptor XT name is inspired by performance cars to communicate the extra tough benefits. The XT badge is designed to look crafted from steel giving technical cues that emphasise the innovative new formulation. The super strength of the coating is reinforced by the roaring dinosaur – the unmissable Raptor asset! We used Raptor green on the box for its huge standout and the front face also communicates the tough textured finish of the product.


“The RAPTOR XT name and logo are exactly what we wanted to differentiate this product from the original RAPTOR coating. The new name captures the technically advanced 2 part formula and it’s key feature – “Extra Tough” and will appeal to our target audience of truck, 4×4, van and boat owners. The packs work perfectly communicating all the key benefits as well as having great standout in store. We’re confident this
new product will be a roaring success!”.