Raptor Aerosols


Following the roaring success of Raptor Protective Coating in the USA, our brief was to create dynamic packaging for a new range of aerosols that had all the Raptor values of toughness and performance. They needed to clearly communicate the usage areas (making them easy for consumers to shop) as well as having huge standout in a noisy cluttered category.


We combined the vibrant Raptor green with a series of bespoke key visual assets designed to demonstrate where the product is used and what job it’s for. These were created from scratch mainly through CGI rendering process. This included ‘the Raptor jeep’ which is a fully adjustable, ownable image that can be used across all Raptor communication. We utilised a font with tough visual cues to communicate performance and white on the graphite grey gives excellent standout.


Result: “DGI have clearly captured the essence of the RAPTOR brand in the new aerosols range. The bold imagery clearly signposts to the consumer what the products are for and the RAPTOR green gives real standout on shelf. The reaction from retailers has been very positive and this new range successfully extends the RAPTOR brand into new product areas, and helps reinforce the brands strength in the “tough repair” category”.

Peter Hunt – Global Category Director, U-Pol