It’s always exciting when we get a new brief for a new identity especially when it’s a new innovation too. Our client we have known for many years has developed a wrap that actually freezes in the fridge and keeps food, drinks and all sorts of things chilled for hours – we were very excited to get involved. Our brief was to create a new name and identity that clearly communicated the product and a design that would appeal to the key target audience (young families).


Our new brand name Polarap conveys the chill factor and ‘wrappability’ of the product – and it also rolls off the tongue very nicely! Wraps and chills anything and is the Perfect picnic partner! The logo style is bold and simple to reflect the ease of use. We have created graphics using tones of blue and white to give frozen, ice cold cues and the penguin characters (transporting their ice-cold beers & packed lunches etc.) are engaging and help with appeal and memorability. It has a familiarity that makes it feel like an established brand.


“DGI have helped us to deliver a very strong brand name and identity that’s absolutely perfect for our product. Although the brand is totally new it feels familiar and engaging and feedback from our consumers has been excellent.”

Thomas Hunt – Director, Polarap Ltd.