House of Fudge


House of Fudge make the most delicious handmade fudge to a traditional recipe but their
branding and packaging was not looking particularly sweet! Chris wanted to engage a
younger, more mainstream audience and create a brand that reflects the quality product he produced. So…we needed to update and reposition the brand as a delicious, premium
treat without alienating the current loyal audience of older fudge loving consumers.


The new brand identity is traditional reflecting the heritage of the brand yet with a cooler, contemporary edge. The bold house shaped holding device brings a solid consistency across the range and adds impact on the cluttered shelves. The brand pattern reflects the delicious local ingredients (that make the fudge such a delicious treat!) and is a core asset of House of Fudge branding. Our classic colour palette looks bright and appealing whilst retaining premium cues.


”The new branding has had an overwhelmingly positive reaction from the Trade and our customers alike. It hits just the right notes in terms of adding premium cues yet keeping the brand accessible to our broad range of consumers.”