There’s nothing we enjoy more than creating brands from scratch, so when Toolstation asked us to develop a brand for their new landscaping range, we jumped at the chance! Our new brand needed to work across a range of larger, higher price items including lawnmowers, but it also had to work across smaller items such as secateurs and other hand tools. The range targets Toolstation’s established base of trade customers (as well as homeowners) so needed performance, toughness and durability values as well as outdoor category cues.


We created the name ‘Hawksmoor’ which has all the toughness cues and landscape connotations we wanted for the range. This was reinforced with our brand tagline ‘For a Great Outdoors’. Then we developed the Hawksmoor identity – a graphic metallic hawk (for strength and technical values) combined with a contemporary italicised font. Pantone 349c became the ‘Hawksmoor Green’ and is used for product mouldings as well as for the packaging and identity. The packaging design template is bold, graphic and easy to replicate to ensure consistency by the various suppliers. We’ve also used iconography
to communicate key features and benefits.


“We have just launched the Hawksmoor landscaping range and have received some excellent feedback from our stores and customers alike. DGI answered our brief perfectly and the result is a really strong brand that has all the values we were looking for and that sits comfortably with the other Toolstation brands. Now Spring is here we’re looking forward to growing our share of the landscaping tools category.”

Greg Richardson – Head of Marketing, Toolstation