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Bath Boules 2015

After years of talking about entering the Bath Boules… We finally did it!

The annual charity event held in Queens Square is a much loved local institution, a french game that brings together local businesses, families and friends to enjoy a little light competition.

From not knowing what to expect on the day, it was fantastic, well organised with the added bonus of some sunshine! It was also nice to meet different teams as well as roaming the stalls around the square. Our particular favourites were the camper style champagne bar and the massage van!

So, you might be wondering how we did…. well, we came 3rd in our heat. Not bad for never picking up a boule before.

Thank you Bath Boules for an amazing Day!

Bath Boules main

Teams we played…
DGI Divas v Le Dental Practice Cirque (a win to DGI)
DGI Divas v Systemagic (lost)
DGI Divas v Curo (a win to DGI)
DGI Divas v Design Base (another win to DGI)
DGI Divas v Essensuals Hairdressing (great come back from nearly having no points but lost)
DGI Divas v Kaimax (a win to DGI)
DGI Divas v The Queensberry (lost)

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