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An evening at Dismaland Bemusement Park

Despite the initial website teething problems (part of the brand experience?) I was lucky enough to get tickets to the Dismaland Bemusement Park in Weston-Super-Mare this week. Billed as ‘the family theme park unsuitable for small children’, it did not disappoint!

After a perfectly timed, extremely dismal drenching from the weather we entered Dismaland. As promised the park was an exciting, eye-opening and thought provoking experience. Everywhere you looked there was something to do or see – all designed to make us stop and think. Participation is a must so be prepared to get involved. We hopped on the carousel which started going backwards rather than forwards (expect the unexpected) before eventually going the right way. We could have hooked a duck from the muck (a Banksy social comment), tried the Astraunauts caravan and were ‘papped’ in front of the Cinderella coach crash carnage! Dismaland is not jut a place to look at art (and there’s lots of it everywhere) but to experience and take part in it.

You won’t easily forget Dismaland – if you can get tickets I would highly recommend you go and experience its brilliance for yourself. By the way, the crowds add to the atmosphere so embrace the queuing!

Dismaland main image

By Becky Simpkins, Designer at DGI

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